Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Here are a bunch of photos showing some cool stuff from the Bovi show. The standard of games was very high, amongst the best I have seen in many years of visiting wargames shows. A personal favourite, for sheer ambition and being something different, was the 54mm Hougoumont, which looked like a great game to play. That said, all the others looked good too, enough to distract from all the tanks. So, just for entertainment, in no particular order, here's my pick of Bovi... enjoy.

Our BGK display first

 SU-76, big and small...

Hougoumont south gate, in 54mm... best at show (for me).

German invasion of Denmark, in 20mm

Superb Viking battle, with great terrain around a tidal river front and a hall on the hill.

Romans on the Germanian border, simple idea, beautifully executed...

Operation Cobra, big KGN game

Nuns on the run, Pulp Fiction, nice townscape on this one...

 Operation Supercharge, big RF game

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