Friday, 19 October 2012


Just a quick post to say that the Battlegroup Kursk rulebook has arrived in the country and been delivered to Plastic Soldier Company. Hurrah!

The book looks very nice, and the printers have done a top-rank job, it's clean, crisp and bright. I have posted a couple of shots, which won't do it justice. Thanks to all who have waited patiently for their pre-ordered copies, it has taken longer than expected, due to some technical problems at mine end and a badly timed family holiday which came just at the end of the project (it was supposed to be after the end when it was booked though). I hope it is worth the wait.

Will is already dispatching as fast as he can from PSC HQ, so retailers and individuals should get their books over the next few days (you might already have them). North Star Miniatures in Notingham have their copies too, I helped unload the lorry. Enjoy, may it bring you all many happy hours of gaming, it will me. Oh, and congratulations to the grand draw winners.

With this project done and dusted (well at my end), I have now moved on to the first Battlegroup supplement, which will deal with Operation Overlord, from the beaches of D-Day and the airborne landings, to the battles inland, and then the pursuit across France. Work is already well progressed, and play-testing has begun on the first draft of the army lists. It looks like being an epic.

I'm sure online reviews will be springing up over the next days/weeks. Articles will also be appearing in Wargames Illustrated, Miniature Wargames, and WSS magazines. I'm doing an interview with Meeples Miniatures for his online podcast (today) so for more information check that out. I'm also working on a Russian tactics primer article for BGK, which I'll probable post here, unless one of the above magazines wants it.

Just a few snaps, as proof of life... (and why that's flipped sideways I have no idea - oh well, you get the picture).


  1. Just a pity it is not meant to reach all reaches of the globe. With the exchange rate and the 20% postage PSC charges I might never get to enjoy..SOB!!! Congratulations and all the best for the BattleGroup Normandy edition.

  2. Congratulations Warwick and team, I'm really looking forward to receiving my pre-ordered copy down here in Tasmania (the far reaches of the globe ;)).

  3. Just been over to Stafford Games to ollect my copy from Roland. Looks to be printed on high quality paper, beautifully illustrated throughout - just need to spend a few nights learning the rules and finishing off my Panzer Corps

  4. Just received my copy from North Star and must say it looks AMAZING!

    Well done Warwick and team. I've just finished reading the rules and am looking to order a Russian Battlegroup in 20mm. Are there any clubs in Nottingham that will be playing BGK as I'm without any opponents!


  5. Excellent book, read and rules. Now if I had been a smart chap I would have had a signed copy for both Piers en Warwick were at Crisis but I bluntly forgot to ask :-(