Monday, 14 December 2015


On Sunday 20th, so this Sunday, I shall be running a large Battlegroup 'Fall of the Reich' demo-game, at Slayer Games in Mansfield.

I have prepared a scenario for the game, a US Armoured attack on the central German town of Hulsa, held by a Volkssturm unit, but with reinforcements on the way to counter the threatened US breakthrough.

All are welcome to come and have a go, on either side. I shall be umpiring throughout the day, and the game starts at 11-ish in the morning, to run through the afternoon. I'll be providing everything, scenery, all the forces etc (nice chance to get it all out really).

If you live in the area and have Sunday afternoon free, then what better way to do it than trying to crush the last remnants of the Nazi's war machine (or save them)? I'm looking forward to it, it should be great fun. I'll do a full AAR of the game and some photos next week.

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