Tuesday, 15 November 2016


So, next year, Battlegroup will be running a couple of events at Battlefield Hobbies, which is a very cool shop and gaming centre in Daventry. The first event will be a campaign weekend, along the lines of the previous weekends, but with a few changes. This time it will use the FotR campaign book and it will be set in March 1945 around the (fictional) town of Mundenberg, where a last tough pocket of resistance is holding out and the British are leading an attack (with US aid) to clear it out.

There will be 15 tickets aside (Allies, Brits or US, or German), and each player will play 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday. The Germans will try to hold the town and then put in a local counter-attack on Sunday. Players each play as part of a larger team, earning VPs for their side to determine the overall winners. It isn't a competitive tournament, and the historical theme is kept throughout. Some locations around the town will be key objectives and no doubt see the hardest fighting for bonus VPs. All the games will be with forces chosen from FotR, so it will feel right. There are no individual winners, this is a team game.

It's all happening on the weekend of January 28th-29th. All forces involved must be 20mm in scale and 500 points (you bring your own models but the terrain is provided). There is a briefing pack available too, that set the scenarios and some extra restrictions and aid to keep the campaign feeling historically right.

I shall be umpiring, keeping track of scores and doing the admin bit, whilst everybody else gets on with their gaming fun and winning in their sector of the front. 

Each time we have done this before its been a cracking weekend of really good battles, played in a great spirit. It will be again, and the venue is top notch, I don't think there is better one in the country atm.

Tickets and briefings are available from Battlefield Hobbies events pages. It's well worth it if your a BG fan, and you meet lots of other players as well.

There will be another event later in year, as yet to be decided.

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  1. Sounds awesome. I would like to reiterate my request for an event weekend to be held in Australia please :-)