Friday, 9 February 2018

Battlegroup campaign weekend, 2018, is go!

Each year I try and organise a Battlegroup event weekend, but I'm not really a fan of tournament play... so instead the weekend is a 'campaign' weekend, heavily themed using just one BG book. This year it will be for Market-Garden and see 30 players taking part; 15 Allied, 15 German, to see if XXX Corps can fight their way through to Arnhem in a race against time.

Always a great weekend, with good players fighting it out in the right spirit, trying to win for their side, but not allowing competitiveness to get in the way of a good time. Each player fights for his side and earns it victory points, so you are just a cog in the larger machine of your army. No one player alone can win the day, you need the your fellow commanders to do their bit too.

Anyway, this year the venue will be at the 'Wings' Airbus UK social club, in Broughton, near Chester, on May 12-13th. Our hosts are the Deeside Defenders wargames club, with special thanks to Andy Canham for his end of the organisation.

There will be 3 battles each, 2 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday (then everybody can get a easier trip home on Sunday afternoon). Each battle is 500 points from the required army lists for that campaign - in this case: US Airborne, British Airborne,  British Armour or British Infantry, against German Panzer, Infantry or Fallschirmjager battlegroups thrown in to block Hell's Highway. All games are played at 20mm (sorry 15mm fans), and we try and theme the tabletops too, so it really feels like Holland (expect canals and bridges to feature)

Tickets are on sale with PSC, limited places, so if anybody fancies a weekend of hard fighting in Holland in September 1944, please come along, I guarantee a good wargaming weekend, maybe this time it won't be a bridge too far.