Sunday, 27 October 2019

Gaslands, first game

An evening’s intro to Gaslands Refuelled… we played just a basic loop around the table, to get the hang of the basics of templates, skip dice and shooting, etc. It was fun, but I need to re-read as it all seemed rather random. We all had great difficultly in just keeping our vehicles going forwards. Two slid right off the table! So, whilst I like the basic ideas, it does seem like ‘hazards’ build up very fast, and controlling them is at the heart of the game. I’d say, as it stands, you just end up rather too much at the whim of the dice. We did not use the ‘Push-It’ advanced rule though, for re-rolls on the skid dice… and so next time we will, but that adds hazards too… every car in this race wiped out at least once, one did it 3 times (and never got to the first gate). The start line is bit like carnage, and you’d hope that doesn’t happen every time. A lot of skidding, collisions and wipe outs to resolve make the game slow at the start…

But, it was fun, we haven;t got into the campaign side of the game yet, if we really like it we will. Here are a few pictures of the carnage.

We have three teams, and cars made for previous games of Outrider (another car wars game that was a little unsatisfactory, now ditched). The Green Machine - mercenaries, Los Diablos - bandits and, the Law - cops. In this first race, the Green Machine dominated, finishing first and second, with the the Law along way back in third. Both my Los Diablos cars failed to finish, my buggy was wrecked and the truck slid off the table…

Playing on a 4 x 4, ready for the off. No firing until a vehicle is through the first gate (marker by rocks). 

Early leaders, my buggy skidding to a halt after driving through the shed - oops! That green truck then rammed it and wreck it!  

Still at the start line, these three can't get disentangled. Multiple wipe outs!

The Law's leader tries a tight turn and slides clean off the table... what does happen in the rules (couldn't find it)? We just said they were out if the race. My truck did the same thing a turn later...


  1. Nice cars..very post-apoc! Sounds like a fun game too.

  2. Looks very nice, beautiful vehicles and atmospheric terrain!

  3. Try an older game, that’s free, called Axles and Alloys. Not as in-depth as Gaslands but faster playing and easier to pick up because of it.