Saturday, 9 November 2019

Longstreet, Muller's Crossing

Game 1 of a new Longstreet Grand Campaign, 9 battles to play... a new brigade to command. The first fight, in 1861, was a river crossing scenario with my Union boys attacking and the Rebs awaiting across the Creek.

After a long break, this was a reminder of what a great set of rules these are... a top game of tactical decisions and hard card choices, my refused right flank and echelon left attack started well and saw my boys in blue race to threaten three of the creek's fords... all looked good, everything was in place... the Rebs were worried (but not that worried)... and the dice, well they can go the hell... my volley shooting was less than convincing, my eager recruits stalled and then were not so eager to et stick in with cold steel. The return fire took its toll, his artillery out shot my own and in the end, even though a quick bayonet charge by the New York boys in the centre carried 1 ford, it wasn't enough, the attrition wore me down too fast... and Colonel Dupont ordered the retreat, leaving the field to Jonny Reb.

So we are off... and I'm looking forward to it all, the last 2 campaigns were great fun and we stand at 1 win for the Rebs, 1 for the Yankees, so this is a bit of a decider.

Failed to take any pictures, but here is an oldie, and my brigade roster for game 2, in 2 weeks time, the first battle of 1862 will see my brigade on the defensive, this time holding an important crossroads. Let hope I can roll a 4+ more often than 1 in 4 times! (Ah, blame the dice!).

We're going on to Richmond... it should take about 5 years. 


  1. Sounds like a good start to a campaign .......good luck with the dice

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