Friday 29 May 2015

8th Army Complete

It’s taken a month or two more than I thought, but the 8th Army project is now complete. Well, I say complete, but actually I’m still going to add a LRDG patrol as extra Recce, and an aircraft, and .... no army is ever really complete, but it is now in a position to take on the DAK force I completed last year. I’m not sure when they will face-off for the first time, but I shall be bringing it all down to Battlegroup South at Bovington, to run some ‘preview’ intro-gaming for Battlegroup Tobruk, due in spring 2016. 

In the meantime, enjoy the pics. 

HQ Options: Forward HQ, comms van (Airfix) and dispatch rider 

Infantry Options: Platoon HQ, Rifle Sections and their MWD transports (Oxford diecast). Platoon support options, AT rifle team, 47mm AT gun (captured Italian) and Vickers team (infantry from Lancer, Wartime, SHQ, Foundry)

Tanks Options: 6 Crusader IIs (Armourfast with AB crew)

Artillery Options: 25 pdr battery, loader teams, tows (Italeri with AB crew) and forward observer team

Recce Options: Vickers mkVI (JB models, AB crew), Dingo (Revell and AB crew) and sniper with observer (Lancer and Wartime). Also, additional rifle section as a foot patrol

Engineer Options: AEC crane truck for recovery (Oxford diecast with AB crew)

Logistics Options: Supply trucks (Airfix and Revell) and ambulance (Airfix)

Specialist Support Options: Carrier Section (PSC carriers, various infantry) and Bofors AA gun (Airfix with SHQ crew)