Monday 28 August 2017

On the painting table

Not really had much time for the blog of late (summer holidays), but I thought I should show-off something.

Latest work on the painting table, keeping new additions to the collection ticking over (just). For a while I've been planning to add something a bit different to my late war Germans. I rarely get to use them (so many German players around I end up on the Allies side), but I want these as I plan few Battle of the Bulge game soon, a campaign which I prefer for gaming over the hedges of Normandy these days.

Work on my Recce Armoured Infantry Platoon is progressing, plus their support. A lot of 250/1s (PSC kits with some AB crew added) to work through, plus supporting heavy and light armoured cars and an anti-tank gun (Maultier as its tow). I'm working on 3 vehicles at a time, and all will have a lot of foliage camo added, which will hide a multitude of sins.

I already have the infantry, so once the vehicles are complete I can have a game vs a US road block force.