Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Well, with the demo game at Battle Group South, Bovington, almost upon me, I have organised my 400 pt Russian Tank Corps force for the game against Peirs Von Brandt. He's been bold enough to post his force on his own blog, so I thought I would do the same.

Here is my list, plus the models on the work bench, for final preps before saturday; hope to see folks there, should be a good weekend (after the drive!).

Front Line Force
NKVD Officer in Gaz Jeep                26 pts    D6 br 
Rifle Platoon                                      58 pts    5 br                    
Maxim MG team                                18 pts    1 br                       
T-34 Platoon                                    100 pts    9 br
SU-76 Battery                                    75 pts    6 br
T-70 light tank                                    30 pts    2 br
Forward Ob Team                              16 pts    1 br                                     
Mortar Battery                                    44 pts    2 br
2 x 82mm mortar teams

Sniper                                                  10 pts    1 br                                       
Counter-battery fire                              10 pts    0 br
IL-2 Air Strike                                     10 pts    0 br
Totals:  397 pts                                  27 +D6 br                  2 officers and 1 scout

The NKVD officer, SU battery and mortar battery with Observer team

 T-34 platoon, T-70 and infantry platoon

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