Monday 9 March 2015


Over the weekend I sneaked in a few hours of painting and kept up the impetus on the 8th Army project.
First, infantry and vehicle crews are coming along, and the PSC Bren Carriers for the Carrier section are also built, with ‘value gear’ stowage added. The first has been painted, as a test for the others, and it was the only one I had enough head swaps for the crew. 

I’ve also added a Bofors gun, which was formerly doing service in my American army, painted green, but hasn’t seen a tabletop in over 10 years. As my late war Americans have other (better) AA options, I thought the Bofors was a bit superfluous and could be re-deployed with a desert re-paint. The US crew from the firing version have been levered off, and need replacing. Not sure what I can use for 8th Army Bofors crew, just some seated guys should do the job, I will have to investigate what is available from SHQ, Britannia, etc. Suggestions welcome! Also, it needs a tow, the actual kit's tow has already been stolen and painted up as captured prime mover for my DAK... just an AEC or OYD truck should be fine. 

On completing these models, that’s it, I’ll be out of 8th Army stuff to work on, so next job is to order the next ‘phase’ of kits and infantry.

Progress so far...

 Carrier section well under way. Still requires transfers and dust/weathering.

 Re-deployed, re-painted Bofors, firing and in travelling modes. Crew might be a problem! Final weathering still required (and fixing the broken wheels)

 Batch pianting Ozzy infantry and British tank crew, almost complete.

 More Ozzy infantry

 Forward HQ officers and radio op, and a sniper.


  1. I see your copy of the PSC carrier also has miscast Bren Guns. :-(

  2. I'm not sure what scale are these models, but there is an Airfix kit of Bofors gun and tractor in 1:76 scale. it has three crew, but only two in seating positions. Also you may look for Revel kit of WW2 pilots and crew. If heads are replaced by helmeted ones none will tell the difference.