Wednesday 3 June 2015

Soldiers of God, coming soon

Today, after about a year of work (on and off with other BG projects), my Crusades game is finally off to the printers. 'Soldiers of God' is a full battle game, utilizing units of between 8-16 models (cavalry is 4-8 models), in either small fast moving Raids, Field Battles (the standard line-up and fight) or Siege Assaults (one sides gets the castle walls to defend, the other attacks it).

It is card-driven, using an action card deck (which will come with the rulebook), to give orders to each of your army's 'Battles'. A 'Battle' is a sub-division of the army, a third of it, either the left, centre or right Battle. These can all act together on the same action card.

The way action cards and Battles interact is governed by your overall Battle Plan, which is a pre-chosen plan of attack (or sometimes defence), which dictates which cards your Battles get for this engagement. These set cards are then added to with random drawn ones, so each game gets an entertaining level of unpredictability, and the cards will never allow a game to be played the same way twice - even if you you used the same forces, over the same terrain, with the same battle plans, the game would still play-out differently.

Picking a force is from one of the two army lists in the game, Crusaders and Saracens, in a familiar way, except the scenario being played adds restrictions to this. So, Raiding forces look very different to castle garrison forces or those deployed for a field battle. Siege Train equipment, ruses and tactics are also available, but only in Siege Assault games.

The rules aren't scale specific, they will be playable at all scales, because the players pick the ground scale and measurements based on their collection and table-size.

Here is the cover and couple of preview spreads from the book. Enjoy. The books should be available from various retailers, including Warlord Games, Perry Miniatures and Northstar Figures in 6 weeks-ish (fingers crossed).


  1. What price will you be asking ?

  2. Looks like a great ruleset with some interesting thoughts. In particullar I like the Battle Plan concept. /Mattias

  3. Sounds good Warwick and looks great - I guess I'll be down to see Nick for a copy when Northstar get them in...

  4. Best of luck with the Rules Warwick.

  5. The rulebook and card deck will retail together at £25

  6. Looking godd, best of luck with the release.

  7. Warwick, do you think the rules will be suitable/transferable for the Reconquista? Thanka.

  8. Great stuff! Looking forward to buying.


  9. Hi Warwick,

    Will these rules work as they come for the Spanish Reconquista? i.e. do you need anything special to make them 'El Cid' period specific.

    They sound really interesting.


    Happy W

  10. Stumbled upon these while going down an internet rabbit hole. Looked interesting but appear to have vanished. Any chance of still getting a copy? Cheers,