Saturday 23 November 2019

Welcome sports fans...

It has only been, oh, 30+ years since I played this game as a school boy. We ran a school league with 14 teams when first edition came out, back in the 80s. Well, the latest edition of Blood Bowl has fallen into my hands, so I painted up the teams and have decided to play a few games with the basics. First game, rules trial, was a 0-0 bore-draw. Next game, introducing the advanced rules, was 1-0 Orcs. The 'Gouged-Eye' followed that up with 2 more wins, 2-1 and 2-0 and the humans were struggling to match the Orcs in the fight. My human team was down to 5 walking players in the 2-0 defeat. Anyway, a change of players, and I took over the Orcs for once. Payback! Err... nope!

Saturday's highlights package... and another defeat for me (first win for the humans) in a  2-0 hammering... the Orcs were terrible... never got the ball into the humans half, never looked like scoring a touchdown, fumbled it, fell over, got beat in the blocks, turned it over again and again in a pitiful display of dice rolling by me... so, it is just me. The humans scored from a fumble by my thrower in the backfield, which allowed them to walk it in. They were unlucky not to score second at the end of the first half, 1 square short of sneaking in a score when the whistle saved me. Half-time would see a turn around.

Except, after kick-off, the Orcs instantly turned it over again, and saw a huge gap torn in the line of scrimmage. His speedy catchers were through, a quick break by his thrower with the ball, a hand-off, a dodge and the catchers were gone... streaking in for a second as the Orcs just stood about dumbstruck. 2-0.

No coming back, even the on-pitch riot went the humans way... shortening the game. The humans were on the attack again and also in for third when the final whistle released me from my dice rolling torments. A wretched performance by the 'Gouged Eye' saw the old enemy, 'Reikland Reavers' take their first win. Another game I can't play! I'm feeling a bit dice-cursed atm... just cannot roll for toffee.

Anyway, it was a fun few hours. Anymore games like this though and the coach's head is on the block.. literally. Might need to get a few star players to spice it up.

 Kick-off, the Orcs are so far unbeaten, and have handed out the pain. 

Short kick-off, my Blitzers in hot pursuit. Until they all fell over! 

The humans are through the gap, a single-hand-off and the catcher makes 1 dodge and covers 10 squares to score as the Orcs stand and watch! 

End of the game, the ball is loose, but those humans are attacking my end zone again. 
It could have been 3 or 4!


  1. I simply love Blood Bowl. Its a great game that rewards tactical play. Really nice to see you rediscovering the game. /Mattias

  2. it is a fun game, I have not played a game in 15 years at least, still have my humans and Orcs wit some 80s early 90s star players!