Friday 5 May 2023

Fantasy Battle... Soldiers of "something"... a play-test.

A longer term plan is to write a fantasy battles version of Soldiers of God (or Soldiers of Rome), using the same basic rules and card-driven turn sequence, and have a set a rules I like for my old WFB armies. I have a large High Elf force, which I've added to with a few command stands, and a dark Elf army to match them, a classic WFB match-up of hated foes. I also have Daemons of Khorne, but not enough, so these are now summoned Dark Elf allies, using their vile, dark sorcery (and many sacrifices no doubt).

As with other Soldiers of, the armies had 3 'companies' a left, centre and right and these each had their own part in the battle plan. Here, by random choice, both commanders chose to attack on their right, holding on their left, with the Dark Elves supporting attack in the centre against the holding High Elves on their hill. 

The Dark Elf attack was powerful, led by their lord on his black wyvern, with heavy knights (riding lizards), demons, a giant hydra and fanatical witch elves... eek! Their infantry and crossbows were in the centre and left. The High Elves met this with a skirmishing left flank of light cavalry and rangers, all very good archers (Elves!), a solid centre of bolt throwers on the hill with spear-armed infantry to defend them and attacking elite infantry led by their lord on his griffon. Both also had a single sorcerer and a pool and spell dice to spend throughout the battle. 

As battle began, cards being played to March, Manoeuvre, Loose! and Charge! etc. as would be familiar to 'Soldiers of' players, it worked well, and the Dark Elf attack was taking a lot of hits from good Elven archery, but they rallied it off and the mighty hydra regenerated, so the attack still looked strong as it closed in. A characterful 'impetuous charge' special event saw the witch elves rush in before the knights could charge, thwarting them, but the witch elves still cut down the Elven infantry in a bloodbath. Meanwhile, the demons were waning in power fast (their Resolve drops each turn) and struggling... targetted by bolt thowers one unit was routed (well, banished back to the spirit plane). 

Magic had its effect, the Dark Elf sorceress using most of her spell dice to summon a greater demon, and sending it off to attack the hill. As it was about to charge, the Elven sorcerer did likewise and countered it with a summoned dragon (I'm going to change this to a Phoenix I think, and get a model). These two mighty beast fought it out for several turns, before killing each other in a stalemate. 

Hero the day was the Elven Prince on his griffon, who swooped in to rout the hunting hounds(not biggy for them, cheap expendable troops) and then targeted the war alter which was drawing in more magical power for the sorceress. His attack against its guardians and priestess was another prolonged fight, but when he won it, slaying the evil priestess, the battle was won for the forces of light... a solid High Elf victory...

That scratched an old Warhammer itch, and moved the rule's development along a bit, with a new magic system I really enjoyed and some revised stats of the monsters and how they work, including special events that allow them to rampage about and make 'death blow' mega-attacks against other monsters (Godzilla style). Flying things, as always are a pain and very powerful... need to up the points for flying... all still very much WIP.


Pre-deployment, random terrain generation: a hill, 3 rocks (1 was the magical menhir) and a small wood, that is it.

The Dark Elves have come to tap the magical power of the menhir, and use it to summon more demons to their aid.

The Dark Elf left, their main strike force ready to charge.

Facing them, the light-weight left right. Horse archers, rangers (all excellent archers) and solid infantry.

In the centre, on the hill, the bolt throwers and more infantry (which will move to clear the line of sight)
Dark Elf battle lines, their leader aloft on his wyvern, to lead right flank attack. 

Prince Ithilmar and his griffon make mince-meat of the hunting hounds sent out to harry the bolt throwers. The first casualties of the day are the hounds, no match for an enraged griffon


The Dark Elf lord is soon countered by the two giant eagles which swoop in to begin a protracted fight with the wyvern, high above the battle below. In the end, the eagles brought him down.

The evil attack closes in, as the Elven light horse pepper them with arrows and retreat.

The Dark Elf left, crossbows and the war alter of bloody carnage... a fearsome magical artifact drawing more magical power to it.

Enemy approaching as the light cavalry seek shelter behind the infantry. They have fallen back as far as they can go. They must stand and fight now.

The bold Elven hero charges on his griffon, overcoming the altar's terror to try and destroy it.

Demons charge in and hack down the Elven cavalry, with each passing turn their power is waning.  The Dark Elf attack does damage as the infantry are also routed, but not quickly enough... 

The Dark Elf sorcerers spent all her power to summon a great demon to her bidding, and it flew in to attack the elven centre from behind, only to be denied its prize by the Elves sorcerer summoning a dragon! An epic fight resulted as both summoned creatures tore into each other, and both died in the struggle. Not sure on the dragon, might be too much. I'm going to change it to a Phoenix, which seems more characterful, big burning bird. 

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