Tuesday 6 February 2024

Prussia Rising - Game 4, Kleingorschen @ the Battle of Lutzen

As part of the battle of Lutzen, the small village of Kleingorschen, close to the centre of the battlefield, changed hands several times. By mid-afternoon, after heavy fighting, both sides had pulled back and it was in no-man’s land between the lines. Both sides had orders to seize it back, and for this task the French had part of the Young Imperial Guard in reserve. In this game, I brought them forwards (forward deployed) and would use them to take the village. Whilst the rest of my force, the Wurttemberg and French infantry and supporting light cavalry, would hold the fields beyond the village itself.

My main attack then would be on my left, with the Young Guard infantry, whilst the others held the line to the right of them, and my light cavalry counter-attacked to stall his cavalry.

Here was the battlefield at Kleingorschen.

The battle began well, with the Guard infantry on the left getting forwards, into the village, sending their skirmishers through the gardens and lanes, and doing heavy damage to the Prussian fusiliers ahead of them. The fight for the village streets would consume the first ‘phase’ of the battle, and the Guard came out on top, breaking one fusilier battalion and damaging the other. Behind them, their grenadiers lurked to counter attack though. I claimed the ‘Take a Strongpoint’ objective and French had the early lead.

The Prussians, seeking to take pressure of the street-fighting, sent their cavalry swiftly forwards and the French light cavalry where slow to arrive from reserve. French skirmishers did some damage to the Prussian lancers and hussars (including the 1st Lieb regiment), but they charged and drove the infantry back, needing the rally. But the return fire was heavy and the Prussian cavalry too had to pullback to rally. My line had been dented by held, although one Wurttemberger reservist battalion did break and run. It was close in VPs after this second ‘phase’ of the fighting.

The battle for the streets of Kleingorschen resumed, with the Guard attacking agin, and driving the last Prussians out of church at bayonet point with a furious charge, crying ‘Vive L’Empereur!’. Then the Prussian grenadiers counter-attacked and drove them back too, and it was see-saw fight in the streets. Both sides rallying, the skirmish fire heavy, but neither side broke. The Prussians just rallied the second fusiliers battalion and the French were creeping closer to victory.

But, the Prussian cavalry, mostly uhlan, hadn’t finished. They came forwards again, in a repeat of their first attack, but this time breaking a French battalion. My cavalry’s counter-attack stalled, (terrible Discipline rolls and no command points left), and so the Prussian uhlan did more damage. Another Wurttemberg battalion broke, their square intimidate by the uhlan around them, and their artillery battery was overrun. Their light infantry jaegers did, by a fluke, see off a charge of horse jaegers, but my own hussars’ charge was also defeated. The Prussians had sneaked into the lead. More intimidation from those damned uhlan saw my Chasseurs break (that unit have failed in everything in this campaign, utterly useless), and that was enough to see the Prussia claim the win.

Well, that was close and I felt I had it with the Guard infantry doing good things and winning the village fight, until his grenadiers counter-attack saved the day. By then, the Guard had been weakened, but such good infantry excelled in the street-fighting. Really, my (utterly rubbish) light cavalry lost me the game. They failed to keep his cavalry off my own infantry and then lost fights and broke! Ah, another Prussian win, taking it to 2-10 to the Prussians in campaign VPs. Big gap.

That was the end of the first half of the campaign, the summer truce of 1813 would now be called. We’ll have a quick reset, to then continue in late August, with the campaign VPs halved and both sides getting some much needed new recruits as reinforcements (all militia quality infantry though). We’d start again, with game 5, at 5-1 Prussia. Napeleon needs comeback soon, or this campaign is lost. Prussia is rising too fast!!


The field. Prussia closest, French far side.

Prussian infantry deploy on their left

The Prussian centre

Their advanced guard, to contest the village, fusiliers, grenadiers and uhlan regiment.

French lines on their right

Wurttemberger centre, advance to defend the hedge/windbreak

Prussia moves into Kleingorschen

and so do the Yound Guard infantry

The whole field. White cotton markers are a reminder that this is taking place in fog and drifting smoke clouds. -1 dice to firing and restricted artillery range... drat!

Wurttemberg, about to get in the fight today, and regret it.

Forth the Young Guard, take that village.

The allies at the hedge line, but under fire, and not looking very solid.

Guard voltiguers doing a brisk business in the streets.

Prussian skirmish line, with riflemen

Charge to take the church... the Prussians are breaking! Onward the Guard!

The Prussian cavalry come forwards to begin their attack. Hussars and uhlan.

Wurttemberger square, shaky... then running....

But the light infantry hold the hedge and see-off the horse jaegers... rare win

The hussars charge and cut down French light infantry.

French hussars finally counter-charge, but are then defeated as well. Terrible from my cavalry.

Overview of the field... Prussia cavalry have done enough to win the day. The French must pullback from Kleingorschen. 


  1. Hi Warwick, very nicely done scenery. I particularly like the flags and the Caisson stand.But everything is to a very high standard , keep it up.

  2. What a lovely battle beautifully done 👍 perhaps I should collect Prussians ?

  3. Very very nice. Thank you.

  4. A grand game and report Warwick. I am suitably inspired to crack on with my Swiss battalion now.