Wednesday 11 April 2012


Been a busy time, but I thought I should post something about the release of Normandy Firefight. The book arrived from Lithuania as I was in Ireland, so I had a pleasant surprise on return. It looked good, and having spoken with Nick at North Star Figures pre-sales orders and early sales all seemed very positive, so thanks for that (if you bought one!).

To illuminate a little of the game itself, it is a true skirmish game, really designed for small unit actions, of between 2 and 5 combatants per side, and is very detailed. This is a game which tracks how many bullets you have left, and whether you are standing, crouching or prone. It is based on D100 rolls, for detail, and generally is playable in a couple of hours (if everybody doesn’t spend all game hiding in ditches).

I originally wrote the game about 10 years ago, inspired by the great Dragon model kits coming out, and various first-person-shooter video games which I enjoyed playing but gave me motion sickness. I also wanted to try and build some highly detailed terrain boards. Over the years the boards have been re-worked, and stored in various sheds and garages, to be dusted down for a game every now and then. Although we play at 54mm, there is no reason why the rules won’t work for any size (from Action Men to 20mm), by simply varying the size of the table (from your back garden to a 2’ x 2’ for 20mm).

Since release the most commonly asked question has been - what next? Well, it always is, the thrill of the new and unknown always being more enticing than what already exists. A few ideas have been suggested, including a modern combat version, Vietnam and Stalingrad, all of which sound great, especially fire fights in the ruins of a big tractor factory! I also have a few ideas myself... but I’ll keep them to myself for now. Really in comes down to the availability of models and a desire to make the nice terrain boards. I’ll also have to see how well this one goes first, no point in pursuing it further if the gamer’s reception isn’t good!

Support-wise, there has already been an example of play article in WI, and I have done an interview for Guy at WSS magazine, for publication shortly (I think). I’ll also be running a demo of the game at Partizan in May for those that have any questions or would like to see the table ‘in the flesh’.

Of course, I’ll post an AAR up here next time we play.

Currently I’m taking a break from the usual 20mm WW2 painting to set-to on some colonial stuff. The plan is to play a mini-campaign of 3 or 4 skirmishes set during the 2nd Afgan War. Rules-wise we shall be using my own 'unnamed' homebrew, and the army lists are very simple. You can paint anything you like for the British, but if you do you must then paint two of it for the Afgans!  So far I have 12 pith-helmeted infantry and 24 Afgan hill tribesmen prepped for painting (WIP shots to follow soon).

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