Monday 8 July 2013


I was down at Battlegroup South at the Bovington Tank Museum over the weekend for the 'Battlegroup South' show. It was an excellent weekend, a great show and included a 1,000 pt BGO demo-game against my nemesis Piers. Amongst the production work on 'Fall of the Reich', which is progressing well, I shall try to do a full AAR write-up of the game this week. Here is a picture from the demo-table (which won an award) as Pier's Churchills and men of 15th Infantry Division advance towards Gavrus and its defenders of 10th SS Panzer.

Much more to follow... also I'll try a post a sneak peek at a photo or two from Fall of Reich very soon.

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  1. A great picture of the game, looking forward to seeing more.
    Congrats on the award.