Monday 4 November 2013


Have just returned from Crisis in Antwerp. A very good convention, full of great games, with the first sales of 'Fall of the Reich' at the PSC stand. The book was delivered from the printers late last week and we took a few boxes over to Belgium for the stand. Orders will be shipping this week (I think).

I'd just like to say big thanks to The Red Barons gaming group for their demo-game of Fall of the Reich which drew much attention, and for the champagne breakfast provided with it (something of a first, but it gets you going in the morning). What a great bunch of guys, and I look forward to seeing them again, no doubt over the tabletop, somewhere.

Another mention should go to the 15mm Battlegroup Overlord game being demo'd on a very nice Omaha Beach boards. It looked a terrific game, although the US seemed to be stuggling badly to get through the first defences with just about everything being mined; sea, beach, wire... 

More photos of Crisis 'pretty things' can be found on the new IFP facebook site which, over the next months we'll be using to get Battlegroup news out, as well as on the Plastic Soldier Company facebook site. Please check them out.

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  1. Crisis 2013 was fantastic and the battlegroup demo tables were awesome! I'm a great fan and in the process of gathering forces for BGK. Hope you will be present again at Crisis next year! Best regards, Bert van Hal