Wednesday 12 March 2014

On the brink of Barbarossa

It’s been a while since my last blog, the reason will be immediately apparent. Battlegroup Barbarossa is complete and to prove it, here are few spreads from the book, which is now with the printers. It been a hard graft for the past two months finishing the production work and getting all the photography done, but it’s looking good and I think it’s another excellent addition to the Battlegroup range. Our first foray into the early war years (but definately not our last), it covers June 22nd to December 1941 (and maybe into January as Operation Typhoon was driven back from Moscow). 

Again, I’ve attempted to get a different feel to these Barbarossa game from other books, and from tester it seems to have worked, with the Russian colossus being intimidating in size, but actually something of a car-crash on the battlefield, suffering from command chaos and a lot of unreliable tanks. The Germans are the all-rounders, good in all aspects, with good command and control, artillery and air support and superior morale. In testing the battles proved balanced fights, even with the Russian problems, so I think we’ve managed to achieve game balance whilst changing the overall feel of the battles. Be warned, playing a Russian commander in 1941 is not for the faint-hearted, but very rewarding when you bring the blitzkrieg to a standstill.

The book will first be available at Salute in April (fingers crossed), and is up for pre-order with Plastic Soldier Company now. Take a look and enjoy. 

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