Sunday 5 October 2014

Derby Worlds 2014

Two days spend in tough frontline action at the Derby convention, and it has been a great weekend. I'll write up a AAR for our sunday BGO 'Panzer Lehr at La Charlemenerie' game, along with a scenario and force lists (as requested) so others can try the scenario. A top game was had... and massive thanks to all the people who came over to play or just say hello on Saturday.

But, in our short breaks, I took some photos of other games that caught my eye, so thought I should share them. Just pure eye-candy, but some cool idea for games in evidence. The Derby Club's Battle of the Marne game looked very pretty,whilst the Mons game was impressive for shear size and ambition.

 The Mons tables, disappearing over the horizon.Not sure 28mm is the scale I'd pick for this size of battle.

 Some details
 Slag heaps and Germans on the canal

 German rear echelons

 Crusaders sally into in the snow in the Baltic, from the Lance and Longbow Society

 28mm D Day Landing, not sure what rules are being played here.

 A big 'oldhammer' battle, Empire holding the town vs Orcs.

 Battle of the Marne, lovely tables

 German big gun

 German cavalry advance

 Charlie Don't Surf, 28mm Vietnam game, before the helicopters arrived, 'see how the waves break left and right!'

 I think Amazons were assaulting Athens in this game... a bit wierd.

 Crescent and Cross Saga small skirmish

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