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This is the scenario we played, and the force lists. I will add the AAR for what happened and all the pics I took asap. 

Game Size: Company (3D6)

Situation Report:
April, 1945. US armoured forces are appoaching the small, central German town of Hulsa, held by the scatch forces of Kampfgruppe Lehmann, mostly made up of local Volkssturm and Hitler Youth infanty drafted in to delay the American advance whilst other units are moving up into Hulsa behind them. 

In the night, under cover of a strong artillery barrage, US reconnaissance units have captured two bridges over the Rinnebach stream west of the town and two armoured combat teams are now in place to use these bridges to begin their attack on Hulsa at dawn, moving in from the west and south. 

Behind the German defenders extra reinforcements have already been directed to Hulsa, panzergrenadiers and heavy armour of Stossgruppe Faulks, to block the threatened American breakthrough. Stossgruppe Faulks are the last reserves in the area, and whilst potently equipped, they are Hulsa’s last hope of holding out.

The Battlefield:
The western edge of the town of Hulsa and the open fields between the town and the Rinnebach stream. The Rinnebach has wooded banks and a strong stone bridge. There is a single small farm/barn between the stream and the town. On the western edge of Hulsa is a park area with a hotel building in its grounds.

There are 5 objectives on the table: the Rinnebach bridge, the road junction on the edge of Hulsa, the hotel and 2 other buildings in Hulsa itself. 

The Rinnebach stream is fordable, counting as dangerous terrain for all units to cross, including infantry, except by the bridge.

The Battle:
The Germans are expecting the attack, 2D6 units may start the game on Ambush fire. The US forces are attacking and take the first turn. 

Kampfgruppe Lehmann is deployed first, anywhere in their half of the table. All units are placed, as are all Defences. The German player should also mark his PRTP, 2 minefields and fortified buildings as well as his timed mortar strikes. 

Next, deploy Recon Team Able-12, anywhere within 30” of the US table edge. The US player should also mark his timed P-38 air strikes. 

From turn 1, Combat Team Harris starts to arrive at D6 units per turn until the entire team is on the table. They enter via the US table edge.

From turn 2, Combat Team McCarthy starts to arrive at D6 units per turn until the entire team is on the table. They enter via the southern table edge, between the stream and the road (inclusive). 

From turn 3, Stossgruppe Faulks starts to arrive at D6 units per turn until the entire kampfgruppe is on the table. They enter via the German table edge, through Hulsa itself. 

These are split into three groups, the forward units of Reconniassance Team Able-12, already in place holding one of the two bridges they seized last night. The northern Combat Team Harris, utilising the bridge, and the southern Combat Team McCarthy, moving up from the southern bridge (off the map). 

RECON TEAM ABLE-12 (All deployed within 30” US table edge)
Forward HQ in M20 AC w/ radio comms network 51 3 officer
Forward Signals Unit M3 HT 29 1
Dispirited Enemy         15 0

Infantry Platoon, with 3 bazookas, on foot 137 13 officer (fire superiority)
MMG team         18 1

Aerial Artillery Observer - L4 Piper Cub 71 3 officer (spotter+)
2 155mm howitzers (off-table) 140 0

2 M8 Armoured Cars 52 2 scouts 2

COMBAT TEAM HARRIS (Arriving via northern bridge)
Armoured Inf Platoon in 5 M3 HTs 176 20 officer (fire superiority)
M7 Priest                 44 2

Sherman Platoon, 4 M4s, 1 M4A3E8 (officer) 246 15 officer

Supply truck        8 1 (resupply)
M4 Sherman ARV       22 1 (recovery, repair)

COMBAT TEAM McCARTHY (arriving from south between stream and road)
FAC Officer in Jeep 26 1 officer (air spotter 2+)

Infantry Squad in medium truck 30 4 (fire superiority)

M26 Platoon, 3 M26 Pershings 195 12 officer

Combat Engineer Squad in M3 HT 61 3
with flamethrower and 2 demo-charges

2 1st priority artillery requests 40 0 (2+)
2 timed P-38 airstrikes 20 0
Supply Truck 8 1 (resupply)

Armoured Forward Artillery Observer in M4 Sherman 60 3 officer (spotter +)
2 81mm mortars (off-table) 54 0

Totals 1503 pts 86 BR 8 officers, 2 scouts

Kampfgruppe Lehmann is already deployed to hold Hulsa. Stossgruppe Faulks will arrive as reinforcements.

KAMPFGRUPPE LEHMANN (All deployed anywhere within German half of table)
Forward HQ in 250/3 31 3 officer
SS Feldgendarme Team 20 D6
‘To the Last Bullet’ 15 D6
Forward Signal Van 18 1

Volkssturm Platoon, each squad 1 Pzfaust, MG42 team 95 5 officer
HMG42 Team 22 1
Pzschreck Team 22 1
Hitler Youth Tank Hunter squad - 5 pzfausts 52 4
Hitler Youth Tank Hunter squad - 5 pzfausts 52 4

Sniper+observer 15 1 scout

105mm AA gun 51 3

2 Fortified buildings 40 0 (3+ cover)
1 MG42 Pillbox 54 1 (2+ cover)
2 Minefields 40 0
Tunnels         30 0
1 Artillery Observation Post 26 1 (3+ cover)
Gun Dug-out (with 105) 20 0 (3+ cover)

Forward Aid Post 20 5

2 210mm Nebelwerfers (off-table) 208 0
PRTP 15 0

STOSSGRUPPE FAULKS (Arriving via German table edge as reinforcements from turn 3)
‘Atypical’ Armoured Panzergrenadier Platoon 189 16 officer
all in SdKfz 251s, 1 pzfaust per squad, 3 MG42s

Panther G (Panzer Ace) 114 3
Panther G 94 3
Jagdtiger (Panzer Ace) 162 5
SdKfz 251/17 20mm AA 18 1
SdKfz 250/9 armoured car 36 1 scout
Supply Truck 8 1
SdKfz 9 ‘Famo’ 18 1

3 Timed 120mm mortar strikes 30 0

Totals 1502 pts 61+2D6 BR  3 officers, 2 scouts

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