Wednesday 8 April 2015


The arrival of the Easter holidays has allowed me some time to crack on with the first tanks for my 8th Army project. 6 Armourfast Crusader IIs have been constructed and painted and with Value Gear stowage and AB crews added, they are now complete.

I use the same colours as the other vehicles (ending the shading with Citadel Bleached Bone), then added chips and weathering before getting very generous with the light sand weathering powders and pigment fixer. I think they look suitably dusty and desert-worn. I like my tanks grubby with an ‘on-campaign’ look – they are (or will be) my battered, battle veterans, so my painting style has evolved from clean highlights to a far rougher (and faster) approach, a little bit of Impressionism having its influence, with quick washes just splashed on. They look the business from 3 feet away on a tabletop.

Here are a few snaps. Anyhow, as the Foo Fighters proclaim - done, done and on to the next ones.... 

I have the infantry to complete and base before doing their soft-skins transports and a few of the last support vehicles. I have my eye on an AEC crane/recovery truck, some MWD light trucks, a portee 2pdr and a Kittyhawk for air support. That should be the final phase of the project and see the army in fighting shape for a first engagement.