Saturday 14 October 2017

8th Army, on review

Several months ago I showed off all my DAK forces for Battlegroup. Built for the Battlegroup Tobruk book, they are now being updated for the forthcoming Battlegroup Torch book, with some later war equipment for the fighting in '42-43. Panzer IV F2 complete, lang 50mm Pz III turrets awaiting some brushwork as replacement turrets.

Of course, my DAK needed an enemy to fight, so I've also collected and painted up my 8th Army force (I like having both sides for a campaign, it helps a lot when designing lists). Again, these were done for '41 desert war, and I'm about to start an updating project to add some later war vehicles. M3 Grants are already done, with Humber armoured cars, a Bishop and a second infantry platoon (using PSC Metals 8th Army - out soon-ish). PSC's forthcoming Valentines will no doubt also join the force, because when/where else are you getting to play with Valentines?

It was always part of the BG plan that one collection should be usable over several books. The core infantry don't change (too much) so, with the addition of a few tanks a collection can easily be updated for a new BG campaign book. I've already done this with my Russians and will be doing the same to 'back-date' my US forces from Normandy to Tunisia. With 90% of the equipment the same, replacing some M4 Shermans with M3 Stuarts and Lees will allow the collection a second lease of life in games that feel very different (and use my desert terrain). Also, suddenly my large American army can fight my DAK force in perfectly historical battles - Kasserine Pass is on the horizon... I'd better work-out some army lists to play some test-games.

Anyway, having shown off my DAK, the 8th Army should get the same showcase treatment. Here is my BG Tobruk force on review... enjoy... maybe it'll inspire or act as an example of what a BG army looks like.

Australian Rifle Platoon (Wartime and Lancer Miniatures) 

Platoon support weapons, captured Italian 47mm AT gun, Vickers HMG team and AT rifle team

 LRDG recon

Other recce, Dingo (Revel), Vickers light tank and sniper team (Wartime). Couple of Hasagawa Humbers to add.

Transports (required for the mobile warfare special rule).
(Oxford Diecast MWDs and Milicast OYDs)

Battlegroup HQ and transport, armoured radio truck and dispatch rider

The tanks (Armourfast Crusaders with AB crew, Valuegear stowage)

More of the same

PSC cruisers tanks, for a change. Already replaced with new Grants for '42-43.

Arty support, 25 pdr battery with tows and loader teams (Italeri kits, AB crew). Also, FOO team.

Recovery truck (Oxford Diecast repainted) and Ambulance (Airfix classic). 

 Bofors AA (old Airfix kits) and on tow. SHQ crew.

 Ozzy Carrier Section (PSC kits, Wartime and Lancer infantry)

 Resupply trucks (Airfix MWD water-bowser, Milicast CMP truck)


  1. Fantastic looking 8th Army. You make it very difficult to stick to just one army !! : ) Where are the LRDG figures from ?

    1. I honestly cannot remember. Britannia comes to mind... but maybe not. I remember the driver didn't fit and has his back heavily trimmed away so he'd sit down.

  2. Lovely work, Warwick! I'm part-way through collecting large German and Russian forces for Kursk. I've single based them at 15mm (weapons teams have a larger base) so your suggestion about swapping out a few vehicles has resonated with me. It's now more than likely that I won't just stick to Kursk.

  3. Beautiful army........splendid and consistent style would love to see them fighting soon 🙂

  4. That's a very fine collection