Monday 26 March 2012

Preparing for the front

This week has seen me rushing to get everything ready for the forthcoming big game, to be fought out this weekend in Ireland. I had a few models to get finished and the rest needed re-touching, as most of my models have seen long, hard service since they were originally painted. The infantry had a few bent guns and ugly chips which have now all been sorted - got to look their best for the forthcoming battle! The standard looks rather high.

Here are a few shots of the stuff I'll be packing up for Ireland, ready to meet the British at Tilly. Still got a few bits to re-rouch, but the bulk of it is complete. It is building up to be a top game, and I'll definately post some photos here (if we win!).

 The Battlegroup HQ in discussion over who will be making the ersatz coffee
 STuG. A new set of shurzen is in prepartion before heading into combat.
The radio van

The big cat

 The mighty FAMO.

HMG team in a bush!

Panzerschreck team

MMG team, part of my grenadier platoon

Rifle section and panzerfaust

A second MMG team

Second rifle section

The Platoon HQ section

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